Calm and Confident for the Standardized Test

Dear Ms. Weiss:
I write to give my highest of praises to your wonderful employee, Sabrina.   After having her work with my son, Chase, for over a month,  I felt utterly compelled to write to you.   I have to say, Sabrina is a fine example of what being a great teacher stands for–patience, encouragement, kindness and intelligence.

Sabrina did such a great job with Chase preparing him for his standardized test!  Sabrina was so thorough.  She knew just what to key into with Chase, and did so!    She also brought practice tests for us and answer keys, on subjects that only she would know that Chase would benefit from.   And very interesting, Sabrina’s calm demeanor was such a help to Chase and to me.  This is a true testament to her nature, as dealing with the public and their children around standardized testing cannot be easy.    Yet she does so with so much grace and ease.    Her calm demeanor and attitude while teaching him subjects that he did not know was one of, “Of course Chase will get these concepts!”   and therefore, he did.

As an attorney practicing law in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, I come into contact with a multitude of lawyers, witnesses, judges and people from all walks of life, everyday.   Specializing in litigation, I can tell you that my job is to know people.  And I know that your Sabrina Mammi is a GREAT REPRESENTATIVE of TOP TUTORS, LLC.  and she deserves kudos.   Thank you again for knowing what you have in your employee Sabrina Mammi.  Keep up the good work Ms. Weiss in knowing good people and great employees when you see them!

Very truly yours,

Tracy R.