Partnership with JCC Camps at Medford

 My name is Stephanie Weiss, and I’m the founder and an instructor at Top Tutors, LLC. With over 17 years of teaching and tutoring experience, I created this company in order to help students build confidence inside and outside of the classroom.  I want students to reach for the stars and help give them the skills necessary to succeed. 

My educational background allows for the creation of programs that help your child reach their highest potential.  I have an undergraduate degree in Education and History from Rutgers University, with a Master’s degree (K-8) from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Special Education degree (K-12) from Rowan University. Additionally, I am certified in the Wilson Reading System, and trained in the Linda Mood-Bell Visualizing and Verbalizing program, and the Collins Writing Method.   

What we do...

Our goal is to help your child reach his or her highest potential, as well as build their confidence and success. We’ve changed the lives of students of all ages and ability levels with our guidance and support. We strive to enable our students not only to get better grades and higher test scores, but for them to set higher goals for themselves.  Our highly qualified tutors work with students from Preschool through High School and provide them with the tools they need to enable them to reach their personal goals and to find success in school and beyond.

 It is our belief that ALL students can learn and we are here to help your child acquire the skills they need to be successful.  In education, one size does not fit all.  We individualize each lesson to the student. Communication is key! We believe in the TEAM approach: Together Everyone Achieves More. Weekly contact between parents, tutor and teacher helps the child succeed!


How Top Tutors works…

Our Top Tutors are highly educated and certified teachers with master’s degrees and other certifications. Our personalized attention and the bonds we form with our students help us stand out from other tutoring companies.  As the founder of Top Tutors, I meet with you and your child for the introductory consultation, where I get to know your child’s interests, strengths, and struggles.  Together, we set clear and attainable goals. Based on our initial consultation, your child is personally matched up with a tutor who can not only assist and challenge them academically, but one who shares common interests with them.

We want tutoring not only to be fun for the students, but affordable for the families. We offer individual rates, as well as small group rates, which are EXTREMELY discounted. Some children learn better with other children around…and it’s more fun!

What will my child get out of tutoring at camp this summer?

Camp is such an exciting time in students’ lives! There is so much physical and emotional growth between grade levels.  Academic growth occurs when parents invest in summer tutoring and bridge the gap between grades.  

From an educator's perspective, there is an obvious “summer loss” for those children who are not practicing their skills year-round.  Required summer reading and math can be a source of stress for families. 

Incorporating tutoring within the camp day eliminates the stress families feel in the evenings when children are exhausted and less focused.  Summer camp tutoring allows the child to learn in a low stress, fun environment, without the pressures that come during the school year.  It allows for one on one, or small group lessons to be taught outside of the academic setting.  This setting provides the opportunity for a unique educational experience, using the camp to help make the lessons fun and exciting!