Specialty Programs

Handwriting Support

Handwriting Without Tears program- Most schools do not have resources to provide individual handwriting support for children whoa re falling behind with their handwriting. Top Tutors has trained professionals in “Handwriting Without Tears ®” Children will learn to print and write cursive using hands on materials using multisensory techniques.

Kindergarten Readiness

– We can help your child walk into Kindergarten confident and knowing how to sort objects by size, shape or color, recognize/identify rhyming sounds/words, cut with scissors, trace basic objects, count to 20, speak in complete sentences, tell a story by looking at pictures, identify most alphabet letters, recognize common sight words, recognize groups of 1,2,3,4 and 5 objects, and MORE!

“Math Leaps”

This innovative program offers week-by-week, targeted topics for the students (2-5 per group). The lessons are designed to help bridge children from one grade to the next. Topics are tailored to meet the needs of the specific group. Middle school topics may include but are not limited to fractions, decimals, percents, proportions, measurement, rational and irrational numbers, etc. Elementary topics may include time, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, measurement, etc. Each week we “leap” into a topic with real-life examples and give the students opportunities to explore while learning.

“Ramp It Up Reading” Book Club

- A program designed specifically for elementary and middle school students. It’s a book club made for children to get their summer reading completed with 2-5 of their peers. Each session is filled with fun & meaningful discussions, questions, readings and writing responses. Any required writing assignments from school can also be completed during the sessions. “Ramp It Up Reading” is NOT limited to school novels. If the group would like to read other books as well they may! We want to encourage the students to become active readers and learn to enjoy a variety of genres. This guided book club for kids and young adults that focus on Reading Strategies for before, during and after reading.  These strategies are what “good readers” do and are essential for comprehension for both fiction and non-fiction text.  Using strategies such as making connections, questioning, predicting, visualizing, inferring, identifying, summarizing, synthesizing and evaluating, allows students to truly understand what they are reading. This is a fun way for your child to complete his or her summer reading book or independent reading book of choice stress-free!!  The small groups (2-5 students) allow for an affordable educational experience.

Creative Comprehension

Children learn best when using their five senses: touching, tasting, seeing, smelling and listening.  CREATIVE COMPREHENSION incorporates almost all of these aspects of learning in a fun way!

Sign Language

– ASL- American Sign Language is the predominant language among the deaf communities. We have trained professionals who can work with children and adults teaching basic signs to conversations.

Speech & Language Therapy

-Articulation, Stuttering, Phonological Awareness, Word Finding, Receptive (auditory) Language Comprehension, Expressive (spoken) Language comprehension.

 Standardized Test Prep


Before The Test Prep

- We MOTIVATE, PREPARE and PRACTICE what the kids will

encounter on test day. By reviewing released test questions, in addition to

other materials, tools for taking the test, etc., they go into a test feeling confident and prepared.

During The Test

- We discuss ways to be prepared test day, how to feed your brain, tips for de-stressing during the test, and even how to dress!

After the Test

- We share ways to rest, relax and celebrate all of your hard work!

Study Skills & Organization

-test taking, time management & prioritization- daily/weekly/monthly/yearly planning, -organization- (backpack, homework space, folders, binders), note taking & highlighting, memory tricks, active reading & following directions, research skills, and a reference binder.

Summer Prep Programs

- Summer Bridge Program- targeted weekly topics in Math or Language Arts

– Vacation Prep- Individual vacation packets created

Virtual Tutoring

-Mini virtual sessions through Skype or Facetime for support between regular tutoring sessions

Wilson Reading System (2nd grade through adulthood)

-“A structured literacy program based on phonological-coding research and Orton-Gillingham principles, WRS directly and systematically teaches the structure of the English language. Through the program, students learn fluent decoding and encoding skills to the level of mastery. From the beginning steps of the program, students receive instruction on phonemic awareness, decoding and word study, sight word recognition, spelling, fluency, vocabulary, oral expressive language development, and comprehension.”